Workshop: Using digital sales channels/Booking, Airbnb, TripAdvisor, Niksic, Montenegro


Two-day  training “Using digital sales channels/Booking, Airbnb, TripAdvisor” was held in IEC Tehnopolis, Niksic. The main goal of the training was to teach how to use and optimize channels on modern booking engines. A total of 15 participants attended the training and were mostly representatives of small producers and MSMEs who plan to be involved in the tourism industry.

Throughout the two-day training, participants had the opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of utilizing digital sales channels such as Booking, Airbnb, and TripAdvisor. They also had the chance to create, improve, and present both successful and less successful examples of booking profiles. Valuable feedback, as well as further advice, was generously shared with all participants to help them enhance their digital marketing strategies.

The main topics covered were:

  • Importance of online booking engines in the modern travel market
  • Creating content that will attract customers and give the service that will give great reviews.
  • Creating or improving profiles on Booking, Airbnb, and TripAdvisor.
  • Presentations of the good and not-so-good examples of booking profiles of the participants.

Goals achieved:

  • how to use and optimize channels on modern booking engines;
  • how all useful functionalities of booking engines for MSMEs and automation systems in the travel industry;
  • how to create content that points out the best about their business;
  • how to respond to reviews and maintain a good relationship with guests

This activity is supported by the project: “Promotion of Economic Diversification of Rural Areas in Southeast Europe (SEDRA II) in SEE- Value chain capacity building on agriculture and rural tourism to streamline rural employment opportunities” implemented in partnership by GIZ and SWG.