New Beekeeping house with API-Inhale Room in South Serbia


For three generation Agriculture household Igor Stojiljkovic is living from beekeeping. He is the owner of the company “Sweet queen” from Vranje which is producing queen bees for beekeepers in South Serbia but also export to others countries in the region. Except queen bees this company also producing high quality honey, royal jelly and bee swarms.

The company also offer possibility to educate beekeepers about modern techniques in beekeeping and with the practical advices regarding selection of queen bees. In this company three generation of beekeepers are active in the beekeeping. Igor Stoiljkovic is  focused on the quality of their products, but also on the learning and introduction of new skills which can also promote the beekeeping in the region Cross-Border Region of “Pcinja-Krajishte”.

With project support, this agriculture household constructed beekeeping house with API-Inhale room. The activity will contribute to further development and strengthening of cooperation, networking and economic ties between beekeeper. New facility will have impact on development of beekeeping on this household and consequently impact on development of rural tourism and further development and strengthen of the beekeeping value chain.

SWG RRD supported company within the project “Diversification of economic activities in rural areas of Southeast Europe through value chain development” in partnership with GIZ. This will help to implement proposed activity to start with collection of bee venom and to promote this activity to other beekeepers in the region. The aim behind the activity is to help in promotion of beekeeping, after the affects made during the #COVID_19 pandemic.