23rd SWG Assembly meeting realized in Montenegro, 8-9 May, Milocer, Montenegro


Representatives of eight out of nine SWG member institutions, participated on the 23rd SWG Assembly meeting which was held from 8th – 9th of May in Milocer, Montenegro. Beside the representatives (delegates) from the SWG member institutions, representatives of the Federal Ministry of Agriculture, Water Management and Forestry, Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina participated on the meeting as observers as well as representatives from the Ministry of Regional Development of Hungary and the representatives of SWG partner institutions and international organizations (GIZ, FAO, OA and USAID).

The following were the focus topics discussed at the two parts of this meeting:

I. Internal Meeting of the SWG Assembly

  • Discussions and amendments on the Operational Manual
  • Discussions about SWG Financial Planning
  • Establishment of Project Management Units (PMUs) in the ABD cross-border areas
  • Discussion and decisions on the SWG Membership
  • Nomination of SWG Delegates

II. SWG Meeting with participation of SWG partner institutions and organizations

  • Outline on realized activities within the SWG in the period January – April 2012
  • Discussion and updates on the SWG activities via SWG Operation Plan
  • Agricultural Policy Forum 2012
  • Annual Meeting of the Ministers of Agriculture from SEE
  • Cooperation with Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO)
  • Cooperation with the German International Cooperation (GIZ)
  • Cooperation with the Committee on Eastern European Economic Relations (OA)
  • Cooperation with the USAID Regional Competitiveness Initiative (RCI)

Details and the results from the discussion could be found in the official Report, as well as in the Annexes listed here