Adopted Joint Declaration in the scope of the International Ministerial Conference “Women and their position in rural areas”, Brdo pri Kranju, Slovenia, 20 August, 2021


During content visit to Slovenia, SWG Secretary General Mr. Boban Ilic with its assistants and SWG delegates, participated at the International Ministerial Conference “Women and their position in rural areas” held on 20 August in Brdo pri Kranju in Slovenia.

SWG RRD responded to the invitation of Minister of Agriculture, Forest and Food, Republic of Slovenia Mr. Jože Podgoršek, to participate at the conference. Ministers responsible for agriculture and/or their representatives from Berlin, Budapest, Paris, Podgorica, Pristina, Skopje, Sofia, Tirana, Vienna, Zagreb and Ljubljana met at the International Ministerial Conference to discuss the current situation, activities and measures in this field.

International Ministerial Conference has shown importance for networking and regional cooperation and, Minister Mr. Podgoršek highlighted that the SWG RRD operation is of paramount importance to fostering sustainable farming and rural development in Southeastern Europe. In his brief address, he noted that they are pleased that Slovenia, as a long-term partner of the SWG supports its efforts to address and co-create an integrated rural and agricultural policy approach in Southeastern Europe. SWG, together with all the partners from the Western Balkans, can pave the way for even smoother integration processes than is expected in the near future. Furthermore, he mentioned that Slovenia supports cooperation and the exchange of good practice between countries, partners in the Western Balkans and the EU member states.

International Ministerial Conference focuses on the long-term vision for the development of rural areas and more specifically the question of women and their position in rural areas.

As the result of the Conference “Women and their position in rural areas”, Joint Declaration was adopted, recognizing the importance of maintaining the family and the significant role of women for the preservation of the countryside. The future cooperation and further efforts of the European countries in finding a solution for the integrated development of the European countryside were welcomed.

Joint Declaration_20_8_2021_final