Agricultural Cluster Stara Hercegovina organizer of the event “Taste and Crafts Fair”


The “Taste and Crafts Fair” in Trebinje, Republic of Srspka, Bosnia and Herzegovina provided a platform for small agricultural producers, artisans, and relevant organizations to present their products, share knowledge, and engage with the community. The fair featured various activities, including an ecologically sustainable workshop aimed at educating young participants about environmental preservation.

Agricultural Cluster Stara Hercegovina is an NGO organization dedicated to supporting small agricultural producers in the rural areas of nine municipalities from B&H: Trebinje, Ljubinje, Bileća, Berkovići, Gacko, Nevesinje, Foča, Kalinovik, and East Mostar. Their aim is to ensure the sustainable development of the region, preserving its natural resources while improving the economic and social conditions of its communities.

This activity is supported by the project: “Promotion of Economic Diversification of Rural Areas in Southeast Europe (SEDRA II) in SEE- Value chain capacity building on agriculture and rural tourism to streamline rural employment opportunities” implemented in partnership by SWG and GIZ.