AgriFair 2024: Cultivating Innovation in Bogatic


The 3rd International Agricultural Fair Bogatic 2024 gathered around 140 exhibitors from Serbia, B&H and Montenegro who presented modern agricultural equipment, traditional products and seed products.

The president of the Municipality of Bogatic, Mr. Milan Damnjanović expressed satisfaction on behalf of the organizers of the fair, since that years ago they believed in the idea that Bogatic needed an agricultural fair, which confirmed the huge interest from both the exhibitors and the farmers. “The Macva region proves to be an ideal location for hosting a fair of this nature, given its strong agricultural focus, with every household actively involved in farming. Our aim is to offer local farmers a centralized platform where they can access comprehensive information, stay updated on agricultural innovations, and explore opportunities to acquire new equipment at favorable fair prices.” stated Damnjanovic.

The international Agricultural Fair Bogatic 2024 is supported by the the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Water management of the Republic of Serbia and Министарство and Regional Rural Development Standing Working Group (SWG RRD) in SEE.