Days of honey and medicinal herbs “Living with the nature Gorazde 2020”, 25-26 September, Gorazde, B&H


The aim of this Event is preservation of tradition of beekeeping production and products and gathering producers of honey, aromatic and medicinal herbs. The specific objective of is to educate beekeepers, collectors of medicinal herbs and citizens about preservation and protection of nature and the human environment.

Apart from exhibition of products during the event was organized educational lecture for beekeepers, chess tournament and photo exhibition. As previous years this event recall memories on character and work of publicist, journalist and beekeeper Nijaz Abadzic, who made a huge contribution when it comes to beekeeping, and who is known for TV shows like “Green Panorama” and “Living with Nature”.

This Event contributed to promotion of Gorazde as well as the promotion of the cross-border region Drina-Tara recognized of best quality honey products with regional economic significance.

The activity is part of the project” Diversification of economic activities in rural areas of Southeast Europe: value chain investment support and capacity building” implemented by SWG RRD in partnership with GIZ.