Fourth Meeting of the Stakeholders Groups of the “Sharra-Prespa” cross- border regions within the project “Preparation of a Proposal for an Area Based Development in the Western Balkans”, June 27th and 29th, Tearce and Carev Dvor, Macedonia


The two Stakeholders Groups from the “Sharra-Prespa” cross-border regions held their 4th meeting in June (The Sharra Stakeholders Group on June 27th, 2012 in the village of Tearce, Macedonia and the Prespa Stakeholders Group on June 29th,2012 in the village of Carev Dvor, close to Resen, Macedonia).

The main objective of this meeting in both cases was the presentation of the draft strategic framework and the action plan for regional cooperation for implementation of the ABD in the target areas and formal acceptance of the documents by the Stakeholders Groups (SHG-s).

Beside the information on the progress made so far, the participants discussed about possibilities for further facilitation and support to the area based development in this pilot region through analysis of the presented/proposed implementing structure, the needs of the Stakeholder`s Group (SHG) (structure, responsibilities, operations, finances) and the Memorandums of Understanding among the participating Municipalities for implementation of ABD in the region of “Sharra-Prespa”.

At the same time, the participants proposed some ideas related to setting up working/interest groups and one SHG facilitator for the follow up and facilitation of further activities.

Realized Programme 4 SHG Meeting Sharra

Realized Programme 4 SHG Meeting Prespa