Tesla’s Hydroelectric Power Plant in Uzice, monument to the great scientist and to poly-phased electricity


For the seventh time in the row, at the Hydroelectric Power Plant “Under the City” in Uzice  regional event “In Honor to Tesla” was organized by the Association “Tesla on Djetinja” on 10 July, 2020. The event is dedicated to one of the world’s greatest scientists of all times, to celebrate his birthday and to promote the Hydroelectric Power Plant “Under the City”, the first in Europe after the one in Niagara waterfalls, made according to Tesla’s principles of poly-phased electricity, where original Siemens generators can even today produce electricity.

This year’s event was held in new format in accordance with the circumstances imposed by the Covid 19 outbreak in compliance with all prescribed measures.

Following activities were realized:

  • Development of promo movie: Reminder of previous events and announcement of the 2020 event in Honor to Tesla
  • Development of short movie:120 years of Hydro Electrical Power plant “Under the city”
  • Development of short movie: The role of Dojrdje Stanojevic in construction of the Hydro Electrical Power plant “Under the city”
  • Video conference: Work of Nikole Tesle (participation of scientists and professors)

On July 10, promo movies were presented on a large LED screen placed at the entrance to the Hydro Electric Power Plant for visitors. Promo movies were broadcast as well on the regional and local TV stations, as well as on numerous portals and social networks. As side event was organized small art colony.

The activity is part of the project” Diversification of economic activities in rural areas of Southeast Europe: value chain investment support and capacity building” implemented by SWG RRD in partnership with GIZ.