International Tea and Herb Festival, 3-7 June 2009, Bosnia and Herzegovina


International Tea and Herb Festival

The 7th International Festival of Tea and Medicinal Herbs Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina, was organized in Sarajevo from 3rd  to 7th  June 2009 and 7th Fair of Apiculture and Apicultural Equipment – Bee Fest (Honey Fest) was organized in Sarajevo from 2nd  to 6th September 2009. Tea Fest and Bee-Fest are copyrighted projects that promote tea, medicinal and aromatic plants, forest fruits, beekeeping, production of honey and other bee products, as well as the based products.

Tea Fest and Bee Fest managed to get together producers and collectors of medicinal and aromatic plants and beekeepers from the whole B&H, as well as exhibitors from Croatia, Serbia and Montenegro. More than 180 individuals or companies from Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Montenegro and Croatia participated at these manifestations. This is one of the successful activities that connect producers and buyers directly.

Also, these projects are initiated in order to present and promote tea, medicinal and aromatic plants, bee keepers, small companies and associations from B&H and region. The idea is to ensure business linkages between producers as well as to link them with markets.  That is why main goals of the Tea Festival and Honey Fair are:
• To gather producers and market integrators to make business contacts.
• To present publicly medicinal plants, autochthonous honey and in cooperation with experts to educate consumers as well as producers about different relevant topics and benefits of honey and medicinal plants products use.
• To organize testing and degustation of products and direct sale of first class honey and medicinal plants products.

The fact that the Tea Fest and Bee Fest are events organized at Sarajevo central square calls for attention itself. On the 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th Tea and Bee Festivals there were more than 100 000 visitors during the Festivals days.