Invisible Heroines of Rural Areas


The Western Balkan (WB) countries, particularly the southern regions, share a similar mindset regarding women’s role in society. Women are often overlooked and their significance is not fully recognized compared to men. To address this issue, a project has been developed focusing on the region of Karst which exemplifies this attitude towards women. The project improved the position of women in traditional social contexts by creating a short film titled “Invisible Heroines of Rural Areas – Women from Krš.”

The film raised awareness and changed the perception of women in the region, as well as in the entire WB territory, by sharing the honest stories of women and evoking strong emotions in viewers. The premiere of the film took place during the First Rural Parliament of Montenegro, that was held in Nikšić Municipality Theater, with around 300 participants, who had a very positive reaction to the film shown.

The film was produced by professional crew, of which 3 are professional actors and 7 are amateurs, and the film as such can be interesting for broadcasting at some festivals. It was translated into English for broader accessibility and attracted a lot of attention from the media and received numerous requests for broadcasting at the national and regional level, which was one of the goals of the project.

The project attracted  attention to a common characteristic of the region and facilitated positive changes in community awareness and that was one of the project’s goals . Also, it empowered women within the target group, enabling them to exercise their rights and experience complete gender equality. By doing so, the project provided women with the necessary tools to fully utilize and enjoy their rights. Another important aspect of the project is that it enhanced entrepreneurial activities and raised awareness among women about their own potential.