Kick off Meeting of the Regional Expert Advisory Working Group – REAWG Organic, 3-5 November, Palic, Serbia


Kick off Meeting of the Regional Expert Advisory Working Group – REAWG Organic within the “Agriculture Policy Dialog Germany – Western Balkan” Project

Objective of the Project “Agricultural Policy Dialogue Germany – Western Balkans” is to strengthen policy framework for agriculture and rural development in the Western Balkans regarding implementation of the EU Green Agenda for the Western Balkans and alignment with the CAP 2021-2027. SWG RRD is the key partner for organizing Regional Expert Advisory Working Groups (REAWGs) and other platforms within this project.

The aim of the Kick -off Meeting of the REAWG Organic is to agree how to start work, what impact will have the work of this group in the scope of the EU Green Deal. One of the tasks of the REAWG Organic is to maintain this platform for discussion, to exchange experience and to learn from each other, to facilitate discussions on regional level, to spread the word about organic production, what are benefits for the environment, what are realistic aims referring organic production, to discuss about future steps to be taken within the group.

1. EU and WB Green Agenda, Reg. Cooperation and EU Int_Boban Ilic SWG Secretariat

2. REAWG Info_SWG Secretariat

3. Organic sector in Serbia

4. Organic production in RS

5. Organic production in Albania

6. Organic production in Kosovo MAFRD

7. State of the art in the organic sector in North Macedonia