Latest updates on the Agricultural Policy Dialogue Germany -South East Europe Project


The ministries of agriculture in the partner countries are members of the intergovernmental organization SWG. In cooperation with SWG, the APD provides substantive technical and financial support for the work of regional working groups on the following topics:

🟢 Agricultural policy monitoring
🟢 Soil conservation
🟢 Women and youth in rural areas
🟢 Climate adaptation
🟢 Organic farming
🟢 Wine
🟢 Knowledge and innovation systems (AKIS).

The project also supports conferences, exposure visits and studies on overarching topics and promotes exchange at the political level.

A comprehensive regional study on climate adaptation in the areas of crop and animal production, water, soil and economics was conducted in 2023. On this basis, climate adaptation programmes for agriculture are being developed for the first time in all six Western Balkan countries. The project results will be directly incorporated into the Berlin Process at the highest political level.

With the support of the APD, full EU harmonization of the legal framework in the priority areas of the project is realistic in the coming years. The project also supports regional initiatives such as the establishment of a regional Soil Partnership under the FAO’s European Soil Partnership, a cultivation trial of fungus-resistant grape varieties and qualification programmes for extension services.