MTB Falcon’s Roads -mountain bike tour


Eight MTB Falcon’s Roads -mountain bike tour is held in the area of the Municipality of Osecina, Western Serbia.

The event gathered 178 cyclists and numerous rural households who exhibited their delicious homemade products to an audience of more than 500 visitors, excluding participants in the marathon and exhibition.

The team gathered around the Association Falcons Roads presented Osecina and its surroundings as a desirable tourist destination. The starting point of the cycling tour was in the village Komiric, then pass through Radjevina and the slopes of Sokolska Mountain, so that the participants enjoyed in beautiful landscapes, and cultural and historical sites such as Radjev Kamen, the complex in Bela Crkva, and Tesman lodge from XIX century.

The activity is supported by the project: “Promotion of Economic Diversification of Rural Areas in Southeast Europe (SEDRA II) in SEE- Value chain capacity building on agriculture and rural tourism to streamline rural employment opportunities” implemented in partnership by GIZ and Regional Rural Development Standing Working Group (SWG RRD).