Open Call for engagement of company/individual for development of promo videos


SWG has an open call for engagement of company/individual for development of promo videos (development and post production) in the rural cross-border regions of Western Balkans


The specific assignment of this Terms of Reference is focused on the promotion and visibility of the selected value chains in the rural and cross-border areas of Western Balkans. With this activity SWG would like to increase the knowledge transfer among local communities, including exchange of experience and “best practices” in the rural areas and broad.

The activity will also support the awareness raising on rural development and agriculture sector in the Western Balkans, including:

–               Improvement of the economic situation in rural areas by marketing/selling products & services and attracting more visitors and tourists;
–               Facilitating business and employment opportunities offered to young people outside of urban areas.

The main outcomes of this assignment are:

  • Development of short- up to 5-minute films on SWG value chain activities in the rural and cross border regions.
  • Development short 30 seconds teasers about SWG value chain activities in rural and cross- cross border regions.

Details on the engagement can be found in the Terms of Reference attached to this call.

Interested applicants should send their technical and financial offers latest by 31st March 2021 at under the subject line: Offer for Promo Videos.

Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted.

TOR for promo videos_rural areas.pdf