Open Call for engagement of Regional Coordinator in SWG pilot cross-border regions


SWG has an open call for engagement of Regional coordinator in its pilot cross-border regions.

The aim of the engagement of the Regional Coordinator is to provide secretarial and technical assistance and support to the SWG Head office/Secretariat and the rural Stakeholder Groups in implementation of regional and technical activities in the field.

The Regional Coordinator will assist the SWG Head Office/Secretariat in the process of establishment of implementing structure for implementation of cross border local community development in the WB cross-border regions.

In addition, the Regional Coordinator will provide assistance in the process of cooperation and communication between the Stakeholder Groups of the pilot cross-border regions, Regional Offices and SWG Head Office/Secretariat.

The timeframe of the engagement is 4 months.

Interested applicants should apply at under the subject line: Regional Coordinator

Deadline for submission is March 31st 2021.

TOR Regional Staff in SWG cross-border regions_Final.pdf