“Outcomes from the 2nd working meeting of the Expert Advisory Group on Organic Agriculture in SEE within the SWG”, 26 February – 01 March 2013, Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina


The 2nd working meeting of the Expert Advisory Group on Organic Agriculture in SEE was organized by the Regional Rural Development Standing Working Group in South-Eastern Europe (SWG) as an internal event which took part during the “2nd International Fair for Organic Products and Eco-Tourism – ORGANC SARAJEVO 2013”.

The aim of the working meeting facilitated by SWG and CIHEAM-IAMB, was to discuss the three identified priorities for the Regional cooperation which were set up during the 1st Coordinative meeting previously held in Subotica:

  • Facilitation of the harmonization of the national legislations for organic agriculture in the SEE countries;
  • Joint approach for a regional promotion of organic production in the Balkan area
  • Trade of organic products between the SEE Countries

The concept ideas on which the Croatian team (harmonization), Macedonian team (promotion) and Bon representative from Macedonia (trade) worked between the 1st and the 2nd wotking meeting of the EAG were presented.
During the working sessions in Sarajevo, these ideas were discussed and further developed by all members of the EAG.
Three working groups were defined for the development of the project proposals and future coordination and next steps were agreed.
The participants set up the following objectives for the 3rd Working meeting of the EAG:

–     Finalization of the project proposals
–     Discussion on the project’s implementation
–     Proposal of possible donors

The Final report and the Presentations could be found here