Report on finished manifestation ”Raspberry Days” 2014, 23 – 24 July, 2014, Recane, Municipality of Prizren, Kosovo*


The Regional Rural Development Standing Working Group (SWG) in South-Eastern Europe supported the organization of the manifestation ”Raspberry Days” which was organized for the first time together with the  NGO – Association of raspberry production and small fruit’s collectors – Agro Red Gold.

This event supported directly 30 small and medium producers in the region of “Sharra” respectively by promoting their locally produced raspberries and other local food products. The manifestation “Raspberry Days” had a regional impact and encompass entire south region of Kosovo especially rural region of Sharra. The exhibitors were from region of Zhupa, Opoja and Kukes region. It had direct contribution in acknowledgment of the raspberry and raspberry products which is new product in the region and directly contributes to increased sales and income of the local producers which enabled additional support for the entire local and regional economy.

The event was open with welcome speech by the coordinator of the  Agro Red Gold association Mr. Ismet Osmani following  by speech  SWG Regional coordinator for Sharra CBR, representative of Swiss Caritas, representative of USAID, member of  Prizren Municipality assembly and representative from the Municipal Directorate for Agriculture and Rural Development. All the speakers addressed the importance of organization of these kind of manifestations and their contribution and stressing the importance of small forest fruits and especially raspberries as an important and strategic agricultural product suitable for this area with the encouraging results in quantity and quality of these products, with demands in local and regional markets. The special thanks from the officials and producers expressed their gratitude to SWG and ABDA program in supporting the event.

This manifestation was supported within the SWG EC project: “Preparation for implementation of the Area Based Development (ABD) Approach in the Western Balkans – 2nd phase”, activities related to promotion of People-to-People actions in the target cross-border areas.

2014-07-29_Report_Manifestation Raspberry Days_Recan 23 – 24.07.2014_ENG


Kosovo* “This designation is without prejudice to positions on status, and is in line with UNSC 1244 and the ICJ Opinion on the Kosovo declaration of independence.”