Result from the 4th Stakeholder’s Group meetings for “Prespa”, “Sharra”, “Drina-Tara” and “Drina-Sava” cross border regions, 28 May – 6 June 2013 in Macedonia, Albania, Montenegro and Croatia


The 4th Stakeholder’s group meetings of cross-border regions were held on 28th of May in Carev Dvor, Resen, Macedonia – “Prespa” SHG, on 30th of May in Kukes, Albania – “Sharra” SHG, on 4th of June in Plevlja, Montenegro – “Drina-Tara” SHG andon 6th of June in Ilok, Croatia – “Drina-Sava” SHG.

These were the last working meetings of the SHG-s within the project: “Preparation for Implementation of the Area Based Development (ABD) Approach in the Western Balkan”.

In general, the following three topics were discussed in all 4meetings:

  1. Finalization of Baseline study and Strategic Framework
  2. Discussion on the operational functionality of the SHG-s
  3. Endorsement of priority project ideas

In the forthcoming period SWG Head Office/Secretariat will begin with development of the project proposals based on the prioritized project ideas/concepts in close coordination with the appointed contact persons.

The 5th Stakeholder’s group meetings will be organized in September, 2013.

Operational protocol and rules of procedure of the SHG in the “Drina-Sava” CB Region