“Results from the 29th SWG Assembly Session”, 8-9 May 2014, Jahorina, Bosnia and Herzegovina


The 29th Assembly Session of the Regional Rural Development Standing Working Group (SWG) in the South-East Europe took part in Jahorina, Bosnia and Herzegovina on May 8th and 9th 2014.

Representatives from all nine SWG member institutions, participated on the session, discussed, gave recommendations and have taken decisions.

Beside the official members of the SWG Assembly, representatives from the following institutions also participated at the 29th Session:

–       Ministry of Agriculture of Croatia and the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development of Hungary participated on the session as observers;Z
–       Balkan Rural Development Network and initiatives from the SEE region;
–       SWG partner institutions and international organizations: German International Cooperation (GIZ), Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO UN) and CIHEAM IAMB.

The following topics were discussed during the Session which was open for  SWG partner institutions and organizations:

  • Realized activities in the period January – April 2014;
  • Planning of other upcoming SWG activities for 2014;
  • Cooperation with partner & other international organizations and institutions;

During the Internal Session of the SWG Assembly members, the following topics were discussed:

  • Discussion on potential cross-border areas from SEE for future implementation of the Area Based Development approach;
  • Discussion and decisions about membership in the SWG;
  • Discussion and decisions on the SWG Financial Planning.

Details from the 29th SWG Assembly Session