Results from the 5th Stakeholders’ Group meeting for “Prespa” cross border region, 19th September 2013, Voskopoje, Albania



35 Stakeholders (representatives of the Municipalities, Non-governmental organizations and the private sector) attended the 5th SHG meeting for the cross-border region “Prespa” in Voskopoje, Albania on September 19th.

The aim of the meeting organized by the Regional Rural Development Standing Working Group (SWG) in South-East Europe within the on-going SWG EU funded project ”Preparations for implementation of the Area Based Development Approach (ABDA) in the Western Balkan countries” was to summarize the activities undertaken so far and to present the developed project outlines prepared in accordance with the strategic framework as well as the Programming Document for the economic development of these cross-border regions.

The following was decided:

  • The Stakeholders’ group members endorsed the process of preparation of Programme for economic development of “Prespa” cross-border region and proposed draft measures for the cross-border region of Prespa without amendments.
  • The work on the project concepts should continue in cooperation with the SHG members. Data required for the projects will be provided by the SHG members. The focus of the project concepts will be changed in order to provide integrated economic development of the region.
  • The Stakeholders’ group members endorsed the proposed Operational Protocol and Rules of Procedure for the cross-border region of “Prespa” without amendments.