Rural development through integrated forest and water resources management in Southeast Europe: Rural perspectives: qualification, reintegration and (self) employment


The project was focused on institutional and individual capacities development for regional and inter- sectoral coordination processes and finding EU compliant solutions (policy development and implementation). It provided support to local economic development for achievement of effective mobilization of local natural resources by encouraging investments with the highest rate of socio-economic return. The project strived to forge partnerships (national/local governments, private sector, civil society) to stimulate a policy environment that mainstreams the concept of employment promotion, economic development under the regional overall strategic economic growth agenda (SEE2020).

The primary aim and the overall objective of the Project was to support qualification, reintegration and (self) employment in rural areas and to strengthen regional capacities for rural economic diversification in Southeast Europe.

To contribute substantially to this overall objective, the following outputs were defined to be achieved with this project:

  1. Regional inter-sectoral policy coordination and up-scaling at the interface between agriculture, rural development and environment contributed to the implementationof regional economic development strategy processes in Southeast Europe (SEEr
  2. Qualification measures have contributed to the stimulation of innovation, entrepreneurship and rural partnership by value chains and cluster development for improved employability and access to local, regional and global markets;
  3. Income generation from the sustainable use of natural resources has been fostered via implementation of the Area Based Development approach in selected rural regions (comprising the support for start-up grants, reintegration measures, support and promotion to SMEs promotion  and socio-cultural  priorities.)

This project was commissioned by the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ) and was jointly implemented by GIZ and the SWG.


Project duration: August 2017 – August 2018.