GTZ ORF for SWG project: ”Strengthening of the competitiveness of rural border regions through cross-border trade and other economic cooperation measures”


The essential project components included support to the exchange of experiences and know-how for the creation of rural development policies, regional networking on RD-topics, creation of an internet based platform, participation on technical and high level conferences, work-shops and seminars, business to business meetings and regional trade fairs, as well as execution of analysis of the situation and potentials of selected cross- border regions in South Eastern Europe.

The Target Group of the project are small and medium enterprises relevant to foreign trade, especially in the field of food industry and tourism.

The Intermediaries are the Ministries of Agriculture of the participant countries, their subordinate institutions and services, the regional/border municipalities, scientific and technical institutions, local non-government organizations and local experts.

The project started in September 2007 and ended December 2009.