The 52nd SWG Assembly had a qualified quorum for discussion and planning of the SWG major actions for 2022


The 52nd SWG Assembly Session was attended by SWG delegates from the member institutions from: Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo*, North Macedonia, Montenegro and Serbia. The main aim of the session was to discuss the accomplishment in the period January 2021 – December 2021, outcomes from the SWG major events i.e. Agricultural Policy Forum 2021 and Annual Meeting of the Ministers from SEE 2021, SWG Operational Pan for 2022 and discussion on the internal topics. The SWG Assembly Session was organized in a period 6-7 December in Kolašin, Montenegro.

Representatives from observer institutions from Slovenia, Hungary, Bulgaria Germany and Moldova as well as colleagues from German International Cooperation (GIZ), representative of GFA Consulting Group and SWG Secretariat participated online.

Annex 1_Programme for the 52nd SWG Assembly Session_SWG Delegates_MNE_final

Annex 2_SWG Operational Plan 2021

Annex 3_Vrnjacka Banja Agenda 2021

Annex 4_MM 2021

Annex 5_Org Chart SWG_REAWG

Annex 6_Policy Subjects_APD


Annex 8_Policy Subjects_EC + FAO