The Sixth Regional Fair on Balkan Agro biodiversity and Rural Heritage, September, 2008, Dimitrovgrad, Serbia


– The fair organized by the SWG and the Nature Society “Natura Balkanika” from Dimitrovgrad gathered more than 1000 participants from Serbia, Macedonia and Bulgaria and was a place where rural heritage and indigenous knowledge of rural people were promoted.

– Panel for exchange of ideas how the tradition could be economically valorized with double benefit in preserving natural and cultural heritage of the region was opened.

– Participants from different countries in the region were given the opportunity to use bottom up-approach to present own ideas about regional cooperation and support needed to develop faster towards EU integrations.

– Small scale farmers presented ideas for creating internal niche market of products which are hardly economically justified if marketed on the open markets.

The_Sixth_Regional Fair_of_Balkan_Agrobiodiversity_and_Rural_Heritage.pdf (Download here)