Traditional hiking event “Let’s walk over the hills of the river Rzav” gathered hikers and nature lovers from the region


Hiking event was organized on 16 May by the Mountaineering sport association “Stolac”  from Visegrad and the Tourist Organization of the Municipality of Visegrad. The 15km long hiking trail started in Visegradska Spa, and led through the village of Dubova, the top of Crvena Stijena and the village of Jelasci, to the picnic area in Visegradska Banja, where a joint lunch in nature was organized for the participants.

The representative of the Tourist Organization of the Municipality of Visegrad  Branislav Andrić, stated that the organizers are satisfied with the realization of this event, and he also emphasized the positive impressions of the guests from other municipalities. Branko Markovic, a participant in the event from the mountaineering association “Greben” from Mladenovac, Serbia said that he was delighted with the nature of Visegrad and socializing with young mountaineers, and that he was happy to come to Visegrad.

In the scope of the event promo video was produced and  broadcasted symbolically on the Biodiversity Day, in order to draw public attention to the importance of nature protection and biodiversity. Protection of endemic species on the territory of the Municipality of Visegrad, the famous Picea omorica (Panciceva  omorika), conifers whose natural habitat is located to Drina river valley in the northern part of Visegrad, as well as endemic species of fern Fairy hair (VIlina vlas), which grows on thermo-mineral springs in Visegrad Spa. This plant draws attention because of its heart shaped leaf, unusual green color and stem-like stalks that swam on these mineral springs.

For the first time, video shots were taken on the sites on the Walls of the Medieval Brakovic Town (Rujiste) in Visegrad Zupa, mountain peaks Butkova stena, Crvena stena, forest complexes above Visegrad Spa and banks of the Drina river.

The event is supported within the Project: “Diversification of economic activities in rural areas of Southeast Europe through value chain development” implemented by SWG RRD in partnership with GIZ.