Three days of good fun, socializing in environmentally friendly way-VoLim Expedition, 21-23 August, Serbia


VoLim expedition is a three-day event organized in Western Serbia. This part of Serbia is rich in rivers and lakes, so water sports fans have chosen Ribnica and Zlatar Lake and Lim River as great for fun in this way. The aim of this event is to connect young people from the cross-border region of Drina-Tara and to promote the natural beauties and traditional food of this region, to promote healthy environment and protection from its pollution, as well as active living, outdoor activities, sport, and physical culture.

“It is a really interesting event, because it is held for three days combining water activities like rafting, regatta, water paddling all in one package. It is great that despite the Corona virus, such a beautiful manifestation can be organized like this “, stated one of the participants of the event. This is the only adrenaline fun event organized in Serbia this year. There were participants from all over Serbia, as well from B&H, but the organizers complied with all necessary prevention measures due to Covid 19 pandemic and limited the number of participants.

On the rafting on Lim river there were around 80 participants, and on the regatta on Zlatar lake around 100 participants took part. “We tried to include ecological side of the event and in Prijepolje, near Lim river we have collected a lot of garbage, we tried to clean everything as much as we can, because in this area the nature is really beautiful” stated the coordinator of the action Nikola Stikic.

“We are coming from these parts of Serbia, and we have the idea through this regional event to promote natural beauties to people all over Serbia and abroad because they are not familiar enough with everything that this region has to offer. Our goal is to do it in an ecological way, to preserve what we have and to invite people to come and enjoy in this region stated one of the organizers from Discover Serbia, Anica Pavlovic. “Since we want to bring Serbia closer to young people, the goal of the event is to present all the beauties together and to encourage young people to get out of their standard routines and to stay more in the nature,” said Marta Djordjevic from the organization Serbia for Youth.

The activity is part of the project” Diversification of economic activities in rural areas of Southeast Europe: value chain investment support and capacity building” implemented by SWG RRD in partnership with GIZ.