InWEnt Training on Branding of Regions and Products, 21-26 September, 2009, Zschortau, Germany


The overall goal of the entire capacity building sequence was to strengthen local and regional specialists, executives and decision-makers in their capacities and skills to manage and coordinate sustainable development activities in rural areas through mobilizing regional potentials and resources.
By using a systems-oriented and process-oriented approach towards Regional Rural Development (RRD), this seminar as a core issue in RRD aimed at promoting an active and innovative marketing approach for structural changes on regional level.
With its cross-boundary approach, the seminar builds on regional and inter-regional exchange of experiences and know-how as well as networking between the participating and other European countries.
Target group:
The seminar was designed for specialists, executives and decision-makers with multiplying functions from:
•local, regional and national governmental and non-governmental organizations supporting the management of regional development initiatives;
•local/regional development agencies within public administration as well as public private partnerships (PPP);
•counterparts of German and international development cooperation in the respective countries.
The participants were carefully selected in collaboration with development co-operation and governmental as well as non-governmental organizations in the respective countries. A special emphasis was given on a balanced mixture of experts, who participated in former events of this capacity building sequence and new participants, who are interested and actively contributing to the development of rural regions.

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