Training on Development and improvement of communication, presentation and negotiation skills, 21-29 November, 2009, Herrsching, Germany


The objective of the seminar was to improve the communication skills of the SWG delegates (target group) including presentation and negotiation skills in order to support the professional appearance of the SWG as well as to support the single delegates in their working environment. One focus is on the communication with institutions of the European Union and other partner institutions. To comply with this objective the following topics were scheduled:
– Processes and mechanisms of communication
– Communication skills including presentation and negotiation
– Experience of EU accession negotiations in agriculture and rural development – the case of Slovenia
– Definition of future training needs in the field of communication skills and other soft skills

The outcomes from the training, therefore, are:
The communication, presentation and negotiations skills of the SWG delegates in the process of communication within their institutions, between the SWG member institutions and the institutions of the European Union are improved.
The presentation and negotiation skills, especially in the process of intensive cooperation, communication and negotiation with the European Union are improved.

Gallery – Training on negotiation, communication, presentation skills